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Operational Guidelines

Peace Building:
RDC Nepal follows strict impartiality among various groups, which has contributed a lot to the Transitional State of Nepal. RDC Nepal, in implementation of its projects, seeks to minimize the exacerbation of conflict and work on improvement of peace building.
Human Rights and Gender Equality:

Its strategic objectives are based on Universal Declaration of Human rights and use them as a basis to determine its decisions and actions within the realm of local communities and nation of Nepal. Its programs encourage the participation of Nepalese men and women, irrespective of their political affiliation and ethnicity, in project selection, implementation and ownership. It operates in a way that is transparent to donors, community, participants and government.

Poverty Reduction:

Its program support reaches the most deprived, vulnerable and marginalized beneficiaries. Also it makes contribution and improvements in the life of the poor, serves as models, protect environmental resources and sustainable. It continues its presence in food security reconstruction, education and peace-building services provides the common rural and urban families with the hope to improve their living condition.


In order to undertake humanitarian assistance programs, RDC Nepal requires that civil authorities and communities demonstrate their willingness to cooperate through the timely issuance of agreements, the adherence to those same agreements, appropriate contributions to each project, and participation in project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.


Through a comprehensive staff-training program RDC Nepal develops professional competence within seed multiplication, live stock production, income generation and enterprises. Through community organizations increased community participation will be developed during the next 5-10 years transferring selected project responsibilities from the organization to elected community committees. It is a long-term process, closely connected with overall community development processes.