Sustainable Development

RDC Nepal is one of the leading sustainable development organizations in Nepal and our mission is to promote public participation in caring for the Earth while earning a livelihood. It has adopted a holistic approach to environmental issues and is involved in various projects and initiatives that establish a close relationship between and among human development, sustainable consumption and management of natural resources, conservation of biodiversity and protection of environment.Thus, we promote integrated approaches that combine environmental protection, sustainable resource use, enforcement of legal rights and the creation of environment-friendly rural and urban communities.

The unsustainable patterns of development and consumption of resources and the increasing rate of climate change are combining to aggravate instability, threaten local livelihoods and degrade environment. To consolidate the knowledge of local communities for tackling with the issues, our intervention emphasizes on participatory approach for balancing the interdependence of human security and health on environment. In many cases people often lack an appropriate voice in the management of vital natural resources and, at the same time, are disproportionately exposed to toxic pollutants and other environmental hazards. We work to promote natural resources and environmental justice strategies that help local people overcome these challenges, as well as the economic exclusion and social marginalization that underlie them.


We adopt policies and practices that benefit rural communities through:

  • Increasing local control and exercise of rights over natural resources
  • Participating in resource-use planning, decision making and promotion of indigenous cultural values
  • Participating the local community members to maintain the environment through green plantation and biodiversity conservation
  • Assisting local community members in acquiring sustainable livelihoods by creating environmental and other enterprises
  • Leveraging the stakeholders and other concerned authorities to encourage global equity and environmentally sound public policies and business practices


RDC Nepal has been playing a catalytic role in mobilizing local communities and resources towards proper management of natural resources. Its initiatives commensurate with the strategies of proper utilization and adequate care of the resources for minimizing the risk of natural calamities and also for reducing vulnerability on the part of the local community members.

ii.Economic Development:

The organization helps disadvantaged, deprived and marginalized local people improve the foundations for rapid, sustained, and inclusive economic growth. Our interventions include improving their business environment; encouraging competitiveness and production of agricultural and non-agricultural commodities. We provide them with latest techniques and options for their economic growth.

 iii.Environmental Protection:

Environment is an inseparable aspect of development for the protection of which RDC Nepal engages the community members, industries, policy makers and other stakeholders with a vision to create an environment-friendly society and nation. It attempts to preserve biodiversity and assist in reducing carbon emission. It has been constantly working in the protection and formation of greenery through advocacy campaign and plantation to minimize the effects of global climate change.

iv.Society Development

The organization, with its own resources and in partnership with other like-minded organizations, strives to build a prosperous and just society having good and adequate infrastructures for education, health and transportation facilities. It empowers and mobilizes the community members and the stakeholders to assist them attain a complete healthy living.

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