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Why Volunteer With Us?
When you volunteer abroad, you give a helping hand to poor and under privileged people, communities, and organizations. Volunteering on projects can also benefit the volunteer:

  • Learn something about yourself
  • Make new friends
  • Discover new ideas
  • Build your resume
  • Make a difference in the lives of others
  • Gain a better understanding of the world
  • Have fun!

Volunteer Programs

We offer wonderful opportunities for people to not just visit Nepal, but to consolidate their knowledge, skills and passion and to contribute to the marginalized rural communities. Volunteering with RDC Nepal will give you the chance to deeply experience our culture and build life-long friendships with the local people. Your contributions to the community are highly valued and will make a tremendous difference in the lives of Nepalese people.

While we have volunteer programs for specialists in medicine or computing, you do not need to have an advanced education or special skills to make a difference. Some of our programs for teaching, coaching, and working with orphanages will make the most use out of your enthusiasm and generosity of spirit.

Please take a look at the fees of all the different volunteer programs we offer:

S.N.  Program


Duration in Weeks/ Fees in US Dollars
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1. Computer and IT Training
2. Proposal and Report Writing
3. Farm Land Agriculture
4. Health and Sanitation
5. Social Mobilization

6. Project Monitoring
7. Fund Raising
8. Community School
9. Youth Development
10. Women’s Empowerment
11. Environment Conservation
12. Office Administration and Management 350 400 450 500 550 600 650 700 750 800 850 900

Please, contact RDC Nepal if you are interested to volunteer with us.

Research and Development Centre, Nepal (RDC Nepal)
GPO Box 9804, Kirtipur-2, Maitrinagar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: +977 1 5154192, 5154071
Facsimile: +977 1 5154071
E-mail: info@rdcnepal.org.np
URL: www.rdcnepal.org.np


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