Green School Program

Creating green schools is another important program area of eco-greenery promotion endeavor. Its prime objective is to maintain and promote green environment in school yards and around .

Many of the school play grounds and school yards at cities and villages are dusty, stony, muddy and are exposed to unhealthy physical, learning and teaching environment. Maintaining green environment in and around the school yards help create healthy natural environment that provide clean air and sunlight and will avoid toxic materials and harmful chemicals from the school environment. Through greenery promotion program, school will be environmentally and hygienically benefited that help operate quality and peaceful environment for learning. A peaceful environment in the school creates creative thinking and creation of healthy mind is possible from school greenery program. School’s green environment motivates the students learn hygienic habits and will acquire fundamental knowledge on plants and importance of maintaining eco-greenery . Having attractive school yards around yields peaceful environment in and around the school meant acquiring extra supportive factors in teaching and learning that will benefit to school children, management committee, community , educational researchers. Most important is that the green school mitigate the heat island phenomenon of school that help reduce the impact of climate change and produce healthy environment.

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