Building Parks

Creation of eco-greenery parks at VDCs/DDCs is one of our important interventions under eco-greenery promotion program. Creation of eco-greenery parks is to use wasteland, degraded land or unused open spaces at VDCs/DDCs and develop them into greenery park by planting suitable species of flowering and ornamental trees, shrubs, vines, grass and fruit trees.

Eco-greenery parks have great benefit to the communities and the environment in which they live. They provide recreation, fresh air and water to the communities. Green parks filter pollutants and dust from the air and provide fresh air to breathe and also provide shade and lower temperatures in areas.

Green parks at villages and cities not only brings recreation, richness and tranquil environment in the communities, but are also effective in disaster prevention such as preventing the spread of fire and flooding, and providing evacuation areas. Eco-greenery parks contribute to improvement in the village and city environment, which can also be used for sustainable learning of the environment of the microcosms of ecology or natural landscape in the villages and cities.

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