Greening Rural and Urban Area

This is our another key area in terms of eco-greenery promotion program. This activity will be planned for creating green villages and cities by greening the corners and unused spaces of existing buildings and buildings that are planned to re-construct after the earthquake damage. Suitable and carefully selected plants that give reflection of beautiful and tranquil landscape will be planted around the corner and unused space of the buildings to create a beautiful landscape in and around the villages and cities. The roofs and walls of the buildings can also be covered with appropriate evergreen and ornamental plants for reducing “heat island” effect of the building which is an effective measure to not only increase the greenery on the ground, but also lower the surface temperatures of buildings and adaptation to climate change. By alleviating the “heat island” effect through greening villages and cities contribute to improvement of the city and village environment.

Greening villages and cities bring richness and tranquility to the communities that live in cities and villages. Such green landscapes are not only used as places for recreation, but also can be effectively used in disaster prevention, such as preventing the spread of fire, reducing flood and landslide disasters in cities, and providing evacuation areas during disasters.. In order to mitigate the heat island phenomenon, covering roofs and walls with greenery is

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