Our Approach to Eco-Greenery

Several government institutions and private organizations are working in Nepal to achieve the goal on  sustainable management of natural resources including the restoration of natural vegetation with different environmental management perspectives. However, the planning for management to sustainably restore and maintain  green environment in the cities and villages of the districts have  been generally overlooked. In the past, some greenery initiatives in the villages and cities were carried out by some agencies in isolation, ad-hoc, uncoordinated and reactive manner that led to ineffective and unsustainable investments in the promotion of green environment for productive and human needs.

The rapid and unplanned expansion and development of cities and physical infrastructures in the districts are being placed tremendous pressure on the green environment of the districts. Pressure on green environment of the districts is likely to rise in future, while operating on rebuilding the earthquake damaged physical infrastructures and resettlement planning for earthquake affected communities in the cities and villages. Absence of greenery promotion measures in these newly planned built up areas will damage the existing rural green environment that leads to deteriorate the landscape and loss of cultural and recreational amenity as well as create health hazards due to environmental and climate change impacts. Thus, eco-greenery promotion concept has been developed taking into consideration of green environment concerns of planned rebuilding of  infrastructures and resettlement sites for earthquake  affected communities in the cities and rural areas of the districts.

Our Approach :

Our approach to promote eco-greenery programs is to build villages and cities rich in greenery. In other words, we are striving to create villages and cities in harmony with nature by taking proactive steps to “ eco-greenery promotion “ programs. Nonetheless, our approach to “eco-greenery promotion program” is not only to contribute to the beautification of the environment through promoting greenery but also to mitigate the heat island phenomenon that help reduce the impact of climate change. Further, our approach to  eco- greenery is not simply a matter of planting more flora but also to carefully planting selected trees and flowers that evoke the seasons and planting evergreen trees, shrubs, vines and fruit trees that lighten the landscape and refresh the hearts of the people who live and gather in the villages and cities  and provide a space of safety and relaxation.

  Our Focus :

                    Our focus is to create microcosms of natural landscape of the villages and cities into eco-greenery landscape. Basically, we will develop the microcosms of village and cities lands into eco-greenery landscape through carrying out the following activities sustainably:

  • Creation of Eco-greenery Parks
  • Greening Village and Cities
  • Creating Green Schools
  • Greening Infrastructures

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